Training & responsibility

The training is divided into two parts one is induction and another is the On Job Training which is given on the field in a certain periodic cycles.The training is a continuous process and at regular intervals, training needs are identified by our senior personnel as per therequirement of our customers.Prior to disposition it is imperative for all our employees to abide by basic Security induction training course, which impartsnecessary skills to perform the requisite duties. We give training to security Guards in the areas of drill, Fire Fighting, First aid, Four Wheeler Draving, Computer Operations, Marshal Art, Information regarding nearby Police stations and awareness of various laws, rules and regulations, Up gradation is carried out as per the changing environment and the need of the users.
We shall be responsible for the following:-
1. Over all protection of the premises, personnel, and materials from fire, theft, accidents etc...
2. To check the incoming and outgoing materials strictly as per the challans, gate passes, cash memos and delivery notes etc. and maintain records thereof and control returnable material systematically.
3. To regulate the entry and exit of all vehicles and personnel strictly under valid gate passes, exit passes tokens, identity cards and visitors passes etc. and maintains records thereof.
4. To ascertain that all visitors are hinourably allowed entering the factory and keeping records thereof.
5. To ascertaion that no cases such as thefts, pilferages trespassing of encroachment take place.
6. To acertain regular searching of employees and vehicles and conducts surprise check also.
7. To acertainthat the maintenance, operations and demonstration of fire-fighting is carried out from time to time.
8. Investigate cases such as Dishonesty or Misconduct, Thefts, fire out breaks and accidents etc and record the statements of employees for further actions.