We can provid Bouncers for all day, all night 24 Hours duty with 12 hours shift
Yashavinash Security Force Private limited has experienced bouncers who have handled large crowds in events across Pune India. The events range from concerts, shows particularly with large crowds that end late at night that require bouncers with crisis management and control. An important framework has been implemented to verify the authenticity and validity of every bouncer hired by Yashavinash Security Force Private limited. We provide specific training for party requirements. Bouncers for every party are selected after thorough understanding of the event, timing and client requirement.

• Bouncers are well trained to handle all kinds of crowds with reasonable control and complete confidence.
• Bouncers have been appointed only after teaching them the applicable laws and methods available for safety.
• Bouncers hired by Yashavinash Security Force Private limited Security do not drink and continue to maintain high level of discipline.
• Bouncers hired have thorough family background check and police verification.
• Bouncers hired are ensured to have quality communication skills to attend any guest at any time.
• Bouncers have specific instructions to avoid fights, brawls or any other dispute, only gate control and exit whenever possible.