To provide any type of service, it is very essential to understand the needs and requirements of the customer. To understand the needs and to be acquainted with the organization structure, We carry out systematic detailed customer survey. Depending on the survey, we calk out our plan and further line of action and put up our recommendations with a plan to the customers
Utmost care is taken in the recruitment and selection of the House-Keeping personnel into our organization in consonance with the critical parameters laid down as per Company Policy. This includes Education, Age, Physical fitness, IQ of an individual and background. All employees are subjected to stern vetting thru Police verification. The final selection is done only if the candidates are found medically fit, mentally robust and with basic aptitude for House-Keeping duties.
“Clean organization healthy organization” Under the supervision of expert leader (Supervisors) we provide trained sweepers (Dry & Wet) and House-Keeping personnel . We could only to add that your satisfaction is our pride .
The training is a continuous process and at regular intervals, training needs are identified by our senior personnel as per the requirement of our customers. Organization cannot be clean unless the personnel’s working to make it clean are them self clean so first attention is taken that the personnel’s should be clean and having proper uniform.
Our experts, before employing our staff in any firm impart them a weeks training in Maintaining organization clean, special instructions to clean the glasses using special equipment’s and proper training is given to handle the automatic cleaning machines. Prior to disposition, it is imperative for all our employees to abide by basic House-Keeping induction training course, which imparts necessary skills to perform the requisite duties. We give training to House-Keeper to handle the automatic cleaning machines. Up gradation is carried out as per the changing environment and the need of the users.